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Elevate the atmosphere of your man cave or home bar with our Old Fashion I B metal print. This limited edition art piece features a stunning collage of two pictures - a vintage bourbon pouring into a glass to make an old-fashioned cocktail. With only 200 prints available, this unique and eye-catching decor will add a touch of sophistication to any space. Each print comes with its hardware, making it easy to display using the frameless float hanger system. Create a one-of-a-kind art wall with this exclusive and timeless piece that captures the essence of old-fashioned elegance.


There are two versions of this metal prints: 

- 28x16" (small size) (Total area covered for the two pictures)

- 48x30” (bigger size) (Total area covered for the two pictures)

Material: Aluminium panels, glossy coating, rounded edges.

Time to delivery depends on availability, but no more than 3 weeks.




The Outdoor option on your print, use Chromaluxe EXT panels, which are ideal for any outdoor application that requires a high-definition print combined with the durability of chromaluxe aluminum.


The Chromaluxe EXT panels offer the same HD vibrant quality as our standard chromaluxe HD metal panels, just with added UV inhibitors to withstand the outdoors.

Features and General Information

It is resistant to Graffiti, Chemicals, Scratches, Moisture, Wind.
Thickness: 0.045" or about 1mm.
Surface Options: White Gloss Only
Warranty: 5 Years.



Old Fashion I B - man cave, bar decor


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