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About Quique Photography - Biography

Our website was created to show, promote and sell photographies from Quique Photography ®, which is our brand. We do promotions of our presentations in Art Festivals, or any other exposition. 

The website is organized by rooms, so you could select in the Home menu, which room you would like to decorate, then pictures are sort by this matter. Anyway you could use the search box to look for any specific word.

We also listen our customers for any subjection and make custom pictures or size of prints, depending on your necessities.

Enrique Chavez (Quique Photography ®) - Biography


I was born in 1968 in Cuba. 

Photography has been my passion since I was a child, using my father cameras to learn, practicing and developing the 35 mm films at that time.

I graduated as Medical Doctor in Cuba in 1992 and began to work at University of Havana as a professor of Human Anatomy.

In 2000 I moved to Miami, Florida, where I currently live, and began to work as Ultrasound technician (sonographer). 


In the other hand, I began to collect my photography stuff, and studying photography as an autodidact.


I kept working as sonographer for 17 years, curiously, taking pictures and videos from Human Body, until October 2021 when I lost my job, and everything changed: what it was my hobby until that moment: “The photography”, It would be now my full-time job.

This means now I am dedicating more time to create Art, and assisting to more Art Festivals, to show my creations.


Picture of Enrique Chavez, owner of Quique Photography

My brand Quique Photography® was born in 2015 and it comes from my nickname: “Quique” (pronunciation: k IH - k eh ).


My photography is mostly food and drink photography, and my signature is just connect photos with a movement or an action between both pictures. Some times I add a 3D element to make the photography more real. This way almost all series are sets of 2-3 pictures, most of the time printed in metal.


I include a series of Ice cubes with flowers, fruits and vegetables inside them, very popular for kitchen, dining or bathrooms.


My art is showed in the most important Art Festivals of the USA, including South East, East coast and Center of the Country, where I have obtained several Awards during last years.


Thanks a lot for visiting my website. 

I hope you enjoy my Art


Enrique Chavez (Quique)

  • What are the dimensions of the large size set?
    Large set has one metal 20x16” (most of the time is the top picture), and the other one is 30x20” (lower picture) Both pictures fill an area of 48x30”: 48” is the length, tall dimensions, which include the space in between both pictures (2”), and 30” is approximately the width of the set. The exact width depends then on how much to the right is the top picture
  • What are the dimensions of the small size set?
    Small set has one metal 8x12” (most of the time is the top picture), and the other one is 12x18” (lower picture) Both pictures fill an area of 28x16”: 28” is the length, tall dimensions, which include the space in between both pictures, and 16” is approximately the width of the set. The exact width depends then on how much to the right is the top picture (approximately 4” to the right)
  • Is there any gallery where I could see the Art pieces?
    Unfortunately I don’t have a physical store, or gallery to show my pictures. You could find me at any Art show to see the pictures in person. Check my Art show schedule to meet me on my booth in any of these Art Shows.
  • Are the pictures returnable?
    Art pieces are never returnable. We only accept return in case you receive the photography with any damage during the shipping, or you find any error on the picture. You can do a return until 15 days after you receive the pictures. Sales are final, it means it is not allow to receive a refund if you don't want the picture after receive it.
  • How many prints are available in the limited edition?
    All the photographies are limited edition to 200 prints. Which is noted in the back of the metal print, as a serial number, with the name of the picture and the logo or sign from Quique Photography®.
  • What material are the panels made of?
    They are photographies printed in metal.
  • How long does it take to receive the picture I bought?
    It just depends of availability and the size of the Set you bought: Small set takes just 2-3 days to be shipped. Then you usually receive them in less than a week. Larger sets takes 2 weeks for you to receive it.
  • Do you have any rush service, to receive the picture sooner?
    In case you need any Large Set sooner than regular time (2 weeks), you could email me with the specific picture you want in Rush Service. Then you will receive in around 1 week. The cost for Rush Service is $60.
  • Is shipping included in the price?
    Yes it is, you only pay for the Art piece. We take care of any shipping cost to all USA.
  • How do I track my order?
    Once the picture are shipped, you will receive an email notifying you about it, with a tracking number of the shipping. You should receive them between 3-5 business days.
  • Do you ship to any country?
    At this time, we only ship to USA, Canada and Mexico. We are working on extend our delivery to other countries in the future.
  • Can I get points for Royal Program from purchases of Quique Photography on Art Shows?
    Yes, you can. You have to become a member of my website (then you get 95 points), and after that I need you send me an email with the exact date and picture you bought. Then I will ad corresponding points to your member account.
  • Do you have any Loyal Program?
    Yes we have. Our Royal Program give you points for any Art piece you buy, and you could use them for the next purchase. Check Royal Program on main Menu for more details, or review the following Question & Answer about this.
  • How does the Royal Program work?
    You will get 1 point x each $ US dollar you spend on the website. Also you will automatically get 95 points once you become a member of Quique Photography website. Then you could use your points against your purchase, adding your points at Check out. You could redeem your point at the following way: 500 points = $50 OFF complete order 1000 points = $110 OFF complete order 2000 points = $220 OFF complete order
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