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I got the Award of Honor !!!

I recently became full-time artist. This give me now more time to participate at Art Shows all around USA. I mostly go to the South, East and midwest of the country, which are near my home (Miami FL).

In past November 5th I got the Award of Honor at @GreatGulfCoastArtsfest at #pensacolaflorida

Not all the Art Shows give awards to the artist, although all of them are juried. This means we have to apply to participate on the Art Festivals, 5-6 months previously to date of the #Artshow, submitting some pictures of some of your Art pieces, and a booth shot. Few weeks later you are notified if you are accepted or not to participate in the show.

The better shows receive more applications, then it is more difficult to get in, at some of them. Some times, we have to apply to 2-3 shows at same weekend, just to be sure we are accepted in one of them.

This means, just being accepted in some Art Shows is a great honor for the artist.

This happen to me at last November 2023, when I could participate at @GreatGulfCoastArtsfest at #pensacolaflorida and even more I got Honor Award at the show.

It was a great show in organization and amenities to the artist, and we really enjoy the beautiful city of #pensacolabeach

Although it was a great honor for me to get an Award, the best award I could have is when people comes to my booth to enjoy it, and gratify me with very good comments.

As an artist, it touch our soul and make us be more dedicated to our work.

Thanks to all my customers for loving my art.

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