This is a set of four coasters: 3.75" square MDF coasters with cork bottom (3mm MDF + 1mm cork on back). Each coster have a picture of one drink, which make it useful when used as a preference in the bar. The drinks in this set are: 

Martini, Champagne, White wine, Margarita 

They are MDF Coaster which make them long-lasting. As a difference with the ceramic one, our coasters won't crack if they fell down. 
The cork in the back avoid any scratch in your furniture. 
This coasters are collectible. That means you could complement this set with another set of coasters with another drinks, also available in our store. 
Coasters are made for the author of the picture, without any other intermediary. You buy them directly from Quique Photography, owner of the picture. 
This coasters can match with any other bar decorations photography, you could get from our store. 
Coaster holder is included in the set. This could hold the four coasters, which stands vertically and can be used as a bar decor.

Drink coasters with pictures, Champagne, White Wine, Martini, Margarita

SKU: 4000

    Quique Photography