This is a collage of two metal prints, showing an action beginning in one picture and continuing in the other one. 

The original version (metals 20x30" and 16x20") are limited edition to 200 numbered prints.

Each print comes with its hardware, ready to display right out of the box, with a frameless float hanger system, which give the appearance to magically floating 1/2" off the wall. 
Total area covered for the two picture is: 30" horizontal width and 49" vertical length.


There are also small versions of metal prints, just in case you don't have enough space. They are not limited prints.  Smaller version total area covering are: 

-29x16" (medium size) and

-10x19” (small size)

Material: Aluminium panels, glossy coating, rounded edges.

Medium and small size versions come with template and hooks, to make easier the installation. Both are well packaged and excellent as a present.

Time to delivery depends on availability, but no more than 2 weeks.


Double Play - Mojito - Two metal prints

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    Quique Photography